When the journey is all about discovering tastes

Food becomes an experience to be savoured and an emotion to be remembered.

How does Foodurist work?

An all-round experience with a single booking.

Choose a destination

Select the location you wish to visit and the date to discover all the activities offered by the platform

Discover new places

What better excuse than food and wine for discovering new places and meeting people?

Enjoy an experience

It will be unlike anything you’ve seen so far.
The food is what you eat, the experience is what you remember.

What is Foodurist?

Gourmet travellers

Foodurist is a tourism platform based around experiences. It is dedicated to taste explorers and offers unique, exclusive and authentic food and wine selections and experiences. A marketplace founded to create a booking experience dedicated to the world of food in all its forms. A portal that aims to be a reference point for food lovers everywhere, helping you to find special taste experiences that you can quickly and easily purchase online from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why Foodurist?

Food + Tourist

The name itself indicates the philosophy behind the project, namely to provide travellers with every possible type of experience when it comes to food. The goal of Foodurist is to be a portal that helps you discover and book engaging, exclusive and special food and wine experiences that are truly unique! Select the location you want to visit, search for a dish, a speciality or a wine you love, and choose an itinerary. Browse through the different sections of the portal to find the most appetising and interesting offers!

Discover every type and variety of taste

Here are some of the categories you can find on Foodurist

Dinner and a show in the desert

Enjoy a wonderful candlelit barbecue dinner in the desert, watch traditional live Tanoura and belly dancing shows, relax while drinking Arabic coffee and smoking hookah, try something artistic by decorating your hands with henna tattoos, or go for an exciting camel ride!

Dinner in the sky:
dine up in the clouds

A flying table that hosts the diners, a Michelin-starred chef cooking his or her specialities, a crane that lifts everything hundreds of metres in the air, and a breathtaking view of the city. These are the ingredients that make dinner suspended in mid-air a unique and unforgettable experience!

Dinner at the underwater restaurant

A lovely place to dine and enjoy tasty dishes while admiring the breathtaking spectacle of a coral reef. Surrounded by blue tropical waters, you can watch fish swimming and marine life floating by. Dining below sea level is an exciting and unusual experience!

Below zero: dinner at the ice restaurant

Experience the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of the ice restaurant, where everything – absolutely everything – is made of snow and ice.
From the tables to the glasses, you will be surrounded by beautiful sculptures made of ice and snow, at a temperature that’s always sub-zero! Not to be missed!

Become a Foodurist Hunter

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These are just a selection of the categories that you can find on Foodurist:
dinner at the museum, dinner on a boat, medieval dinner, dinner on an old fishing dock, sensory dinner, dinner on a galleon, dinner in an igloo, dinner in a hot air balloon, dinner in a vineyard, underwater dinner, dinner in the desert, dinner in a mountain refuge with snowmobile, dinner in a tree, dinner in a cave, starlit dinner, dinner in the dark, dinner on a tram, dinner suspended in the air, murder mystery dinner, nudist dinner, horror dinner.